Shut The Front Door!

Choosing a front door color is a tricky business. It’s one of the first things that a guest will see when they come to visit and can have huge curb appeal. I have been wanting to paint our front door for a while now. Our front door was, you guessed it, white. Boring! I had actually picked out the paint that I wanted to change it to a long time ago, it’s probably been several months now. It’s called “La Fonda Antique Red.”

Here are the obligatory before photos (inside, and two outside shots):

A dark red color called to me. With a light gray siding, black shutters, and brick for the outdoor decor of the house – red seemed to be a good choice. I really do like red accents – and the La Fonda Antique Red seemed just perfect.

Painting the front door was a relatively easy process, but it did take a full day to do. First, I removed all the hardware off of the door – door handle, door bolt and chain, and the knocker.

Once I removed the hardware, I took the door down. No easy feat for one person to do. The front door is heavy! I moved it downstairs on top of a drop cloth so that I could clean and sand it. Because I decided to remove the door knocker, I had to fill in the holes with wood filler and sand that down too. I gently sanded the door and wiped the entire door clean prior to painting.

I decided to paint both the inside and outside of the front door. This seems to be a pretty unorthodox decision – most recommend keeping the inside of the door a neutral color matching the trim. Since our home has a lot of red accents (think blankets on sofas, rugs, kitchen dish towels, placemats, etc.) I actually think that having red on the inside will bring the decor together.

I needed to tape off the windows at the top of the doorway, and then I started painting. The type of paint is an exterior paint made by Valspar – exterior paint is a must for front doors. I must admit that it was a big change with the first set of brush strokes!


Here are the first and second coats on the inside of the door (photos below). In the photos the paint is still wet, but once dried the paint turned darker and evened out.

I needed to enlist help from Nate’s youngest brother, Mike, to put the door back on its hinges. With Nate being out of commission until his knee is better, Mike has been a huge help with lifting heavy objects.

I am in love with the finished product! I think the red on the interior goes well with the rest of the house.

Another DIY project is successfully in the books!

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