Closet? You’ll Love It!

If you watch Modern Family, you’ll get the title reference. While not my favorite episode, one of the characters, Jay, who heads up a closet company is coming up with a new slogan for his company. The commerical ends with “Closet? You’ll love it!” And it makes no sense to anyone.

This blog post is about…you guessed it! Closets! The one real downside to having an older home is the lack of storage. Our closets were a great example of how not to maximize your space. But not anymore!

Originally, there was one closet rod placed exactly in the middle of the closet. The problem with this is that you can only hang as many clothes as will fit on the one rod. In fact, I was using two of our closets – one in the master bedroom and one in the guestroom. Nate had been using an entire room as his closet, which we now call his “mancave” and will be the topic of another blog post!

I only have a before photo of Nate’s closet, pictured below.


File_004 (2)

As you can see, he had been using a temporary closet to hold his suits. What a mess, right? First, we had to remove everything out of the closet and remove the closet bar and shelf to make space for our new closet units. When removing the boards, we discovered a few patches and the area behind the boards needed to be painted. So, you can see that we repaired the patches and painted the interior of the closet a flat white.

After waiting for the paint to dry, we started setting up the new closet. While at Lowe’s, we discovered the Rubbermaid Homefree Series that is a kit to design a completely new closet. They come in different sizes (3-6ft, 4-8ft, etc.) depending on the length of the closet. We bought the 3-6ft size for Nate’s closet and the 4-8ft size for mine. The kit comes with great directions and be sure to follow them exactly. In order to put the closet together, you will need a measuring tape, level, stud finder, a few drill bit sizes, power drill, and a pencil. Everything else is included! You can see in the photographs below the various steps of building Nate’s closet. The upper bar is installed first at a certain height (screwed into studs) and uprights installed at the proper widths. The upper rod and shelves were installed first and then the middle rod and shelves.

As you can see in the photographs above, we were able to put two rows of rods and that effectively doubled the hanging space! Remember the mess that was the closet before? See below for the before and after. Huge transformation! And now, we are able to finally complete his mancave. See a future blog post for that one!

For my closet, I had a lot more space to work with once the original rod and shelving had been removed. I was able to use the 4-8ft kit extending almost the entire 8 ft. I used about 6 ft of hanging space and used the remaining to install additional shelves and baskets. Amazing! See below for the final photos (again, I apologize for not taking a before photo – just imagine a lot of clothes smashed together on one rod).

I changed my mind a lot while trying to design my new closet, but with this kit it is so incredibly easy to switch things around to best suit your needs. I definitely needed more hanging space, but having 12 feet of hanging space was more than enough to hang all of my clothes. On the lefthand side of the closet, we installed two baskets that now hold my scarves, gloves, and hats in one and hold my sandals and clutches in the other. Above the baskets, I was able to install two additional shelves that now hold additional items!

Update: I have long skirts and dresses that do not fit with the double rod closet organization. With the closet kit I was able to shorten the bottom rod so that the far right of my closet has enough vertical space to hang the dresses. I also maximized the space by adding an additional rod on the far right of the closet. This allowed me to hang all of my dresses and extend the hanging space by an additional 3 feet.


File_003 (1)

By this point we had removed the sliding closet doors, which I didn’t care for anyway. I then installed a shower rod that stay up with tension and put on two tan and red patterned curtains. I have to say that adding this touch really finishes the closet. I can close the curtains or keep them open, but either way the closet looks complete!

Closet? You’ll love it 🙂


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