Simple DIY Home Improvement Projects Around the House

As I am still finishing the makeover of our downstairs half bathroom, I wanted to share with you all some simple projects that we accomplished to give our house a more finished look or to help with storage.

First up, a simple replacement of outlet covers and door hinges helped complete the look of some of our upstairs rooms. It does seem a little bit silly to have to include something as simple as replacing our outlet covers. However, when we had the outlets replaced (remember – we live in an older home) we asked the contractor to put in white outlets. The majority of our house already had white outlets, so they had matching white outlet covers. The outlets upstairs, were originally off white (they look yellow in the photograph below), so the outlet cover did not match the new outlets. I finally got around to buying a set of 10 covers and redid them all upstairs.

Just having the right color cover makes a world of difference!

I also replaced the door hinges on all of doors. For whatever reason, the previous owners painted everything white. And I mean everything. Walls, doors, hinges, even our beautiful brick chimney had been painted white! I finally got tired of seeing the painted hinges and decided to get some nice polished nickel hinges. If possible, I recommend having someone help you with replacing the door hinges.

Because they were painted on, I had to push a Philips screwdriver into each painted screw, hammer into the screw and then was able to use the screwdriver to remove the screws. Once I figured out the trick, it was super easy to remove the screws. Prior to that, I was attempting to use the power drill and was terrified I was going to strip the screws before being able to remove them.

Again, simple idea, but such a nice improvment! And please do not look at the chipped door paint. I will be repainting the doors at some point in the future!

Another relatively easy project was to replace the mirrors in our house. The upstairs hallway bathroom had a mirror nailed into the wall, but the frame was cracked and the mirror in general disrepair. You can see in the photo below, the original mirror and my model, Deacon’s back half 🙂

File_008 (2)

We ended up buying new mirrors at Lowe’s (two of them, one for the bathroom, and one for Nate’s mancave). After researching and watching a few videos online on how to use the mirror brackets, we set off on hanging the mirror on the bathroom door.

You’ll need a level, drill bits, power drill, and a pencil. The brackets that we used are called mirror clips and are a really neat invention. The bottom brackets hold the bottom of the mirror, and the top brackets are spring-loaded so that you can pull the springed bracket up while you put the mirror into the bottom brackets.

First, you want to measure the mirror and draw a line horizontally where the top of the mirror would be located. From there, draw a line down the middle to where the bottom of the mirror would be located. Use a level for this! From there, you can draw a line horizontally for the bottom. We measured 4 inches from the middle on both sides to locate where the brackets would be placed.

Above, you can see me using a drill bit to drill through the door where the screws for the mirror clips will go. I then used the power drill to screw in each bracket. Always double check that everything is level – this will ensure that the mirror isn’t lopsided!

File_004 (4)

I was unable to get the entire mirror in the photograph, but believe me when I say it is a lot nicer than the original!

And lastly, for this blog post at least, I worked on organizing our spice rack in the kitchen cabinet. One of my least favorite things about the kitchen is the fact that we have almost no storage space. The cabinets aren’t very large and while able to hold pots and pans, they have to be placed awkwardly.

If you’re into cooking, you likely have way too many spices. And if you’re like me, you can never find the spice that you need. Even when you are certain that you have it! In come the spice grippers. I found these on Amazon and have just been so impressed by how much space these holders have saved.

File_009 (1)

I wish I had taken a before shot of our spice cabinet. Just imagine spice bottles everywhere with no real rhyme or reason as to their location.

The photos above show you all the spice containers I have to work with and how I was going to organize them once the grippers were installed.

Each spice gripper can hold 4 spice containers, 12 total in each pack. The grippers have adhesive on the back that you peel off and stick onto the cabinet door. The level is your best friend for this project! Use a pencil to mark where the gripper needs to be located on the door. Be sure that when you put a spice container into the gripper that the door will still close!

In the photos above you can see how I measured where the spice grippers need to be located and how the first set of three turned out. These are for those small spice containers (photo below). You need to let the adhesive set for at least 24 hours before adding the spice containers, so immediately after taking this photo I removed the containers and let the adhesive set.

File_007 (1)

And, voila! I saved so much space in this cabinet that I was able to remove soda syrup bottles from a box (that was taking up space in one of our storage units) and place them on the top shelf.

File_000 (31)

As you can see, these home improvement projects were very simple, but helped to make our house look just a bit nicer or helped to save space in cabinets where not much space is available.


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