Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes & Basil

With so many cherry tomatoes, I wanted to find a new recipe that incorporated the tomatoes. We had just gone to the Farmer’s Market and found some delicious looking green beans. There are tons of recipes online for Green Bean with Tomatoes and I came across one that also uses onions and basil, both of which we have a ton. The recipe also calls for making parmesan crisps, but I did not do that for this side. Below you’ll see the green beans with the ends snapped, sliced cherry tomatoes, several cloves of garlic, and diced onions.


I boiled the green beans for < 5 min, just enough to get them slightly cooked, but still crisp and green. After boiling, I rinsed the beans in cold water and allowed them to rest while I prepared the rest of the recipe.


I then melted butter in a pan and sauteed the onions and garlic for a couple of minutes until the onions were fragrant. The sliced cherry tomatoes were then added and heated through for another couple of minutes.


Then, the green beans were added to the mixture and I cooked them for an additional 10 minutes or so, until they were soft. I chopped up several basil leaves from the garden and mixed that in with the green bean mixture. I added a handful of pine nuts at the same time (this was in addition to what the recipe called for). Instead of adding salt and pepper, I used my Dad’s mix to season the beans.


The side turned out really well and was a great use of all the extra cherry tomatoes we have in our garden! Now, I just need to figure out how to grow my own green beans!

Online Recipe:


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