Maker’s Kit Herb Garden

My brother, Robert, gave me a really cool herb kit designed by Maker’s Kit. This is an all-inclusive kit for preparing an herb garden in mason jars. I want to be clear that this was not my original idea, but rather that it comes from a company called Maker’s Kit. The website (listed below) has a tutorial for the herb garden and this is what I followed. This blog post is a step-by-step set of instructions with photographs for each step.

I tried to take a picture of all of the components together prior to putting the herb garden together, but for some reason my camera was unable to load that photograph. Because the mason jars do not have a hole at the bottom to allow for drainage of excess water, we have to create a drainage layer with a combination of perlite and rocks.

The first step is to add about an inch of perlite to the bottom of the jar. Perlite helps to improve drainage and aeration. Perlite has a highly porous surface and when expanded allows for both air and water in a soil mix.


After adding the perlite, an inch of pebble rocks were then added. The rocks help to allow proper drainage of the water. In combination with the perlite, this creates a nice drainage barrier for the herbs.


After adding the drainage barrier, the remaining volume of the mason jar was then filled with organic soil. I don’t know the components within the soil, but during the video the guys tell you to use organic soil for when you are growing plants you plan to eat.


After filling the jars with soil, I then used the given wooden stakes to prepare a hole in the middle of the soil. The seeds were added and gently covered with the soil. There were four herbs given: basil, cilantro, parsley, and clover.

20150530_085731 20150530_085812


Stickers with each of the herbs labeled were then added to the outside of the jar. The wooden stake was then used as a flag pole for each label. It is recommended that the jars remain inside, but on a window sill where indirect sunlight can filter into the jars. Water was added to each jar and you can see the water filter down to the perlite. When this dries up, add more water. Pretty easy!

20150530_090801 20150530_090806 20150530_090811

This is such a neat idea and assuming that the seeds will grow on the windowsill I will definitely do this again!

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