Fancy Toast – Cucumber and Feta

With the cucumbers coming from the greenhouse, I needed to find additional recipes using cucumbers. I found a Martha Stewart recipe for fancy dancy toast and thought it would be worth trying! As per the Mixson style, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and added my own twist. This recipe calls for a baguette (I used a whole-grain crusty loaf), a cucumber (check!), feta cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. I also included some tomato to zest things up – this was not part of the recipe, but I think made the toast.
20141026_174200I first started by mashing half of the feta cheese (approx. 3 oz) with olive oil (approx. 1 TB) and lemon juice (approx. 1 tsp). I then added salt and pepper and mashed well with a fork.

20141026_174205While preparing the feta cheese mixture, the oven was heated to 450F. I drizzled olive oil on sliced up pieces of bread and baked for about 5 min, until the sides were browning.

20141026_174213Each piece of toasted bread was spread with the feta cheese mixture.

20141026_174655After spreading the feta cheese mixture on the toast, I added diced tomato and a couple slices of cucumber to each slice. Because I wasn’t sure if Nate would like the toast with cucumber, I made some with just tomato.

20141026_174815I think with the addition of the tomato, the Fancy Toast was a huge hit. With the fresh tomato and cucumber, this Fancy Toast was amazing! If you ever want to make a quick appetizer that is sure to please everyone, try out this cucumber, tomato, and feta toast.

Online Recipe:|/274508/cucumber-recipes/@center/276955/seasonal-produce-recipe-guide|333824


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