Greenhouse Update – Finale

As I’m sure you can tell from title of this blog post that the greenhouse has officially been completed! Nate and his dad put in a lot of hours over the past weekend and the final product is amazing! Photographs are the best way to show how the final steps were designed and how the greenhouse was put together. The first couple of photographs show the boys (including Deacon!) working hard cutting boards and screwing them together for the base of the greenhouse.


20141018_095406Below is the first of the 2×4 frames that the geodesic dome will be propped on. Ten of these were built to match the ten sides of the dome – I know, it’s hard to imagine until you actually see it in place. It was an intensive process. Buying a ton of 2×4 boards (taking the time to ensure they were straight) and Rich cutting each individually with the circular saw.


20141018_102159The next two photographs show the greenhouse dome being propped up on the frames. Each frame had to be angled at 36 degrees to ensure the frame would make a complete 360 degrees. The dome is pretty heavy so placing the pvc pipes on top of the 2×4 wood frames took a lot of work. You can see in the second photograph below that there is one frame missing. That is where the door is going to be located!


20141018_140102The door frame was the trickiest part to figure out. As you can see from the photographs below the door is actually a full sized door and takes place of the triangular pvc pipe doorway. It’s very nice because with the extra two feet of height you do not have to even bend over to get into the greenhouse.


20141019_095821With the frame in place, the next step was to put the lining around the outside of the dome. To do this, three zip ties were tied together and tightened around each individual rim. Since the dome is very high, a ladder had to be placed in the middle of the dome in order for the lining to be placed all around.

20141019_111122With the liner in place, the greenhouse was definitely taking shape! The liner is secured by the zip ties at each center ring all around the entire dome.

20141019_144443Next up, plywood was screwed into the 2×4 frames. Another length of 2×4 board was secured on top of each plywood piece and the lining was shoved inward so that the greenhouse would be fully insulated.



20141019_171948Everything but the door is in place!

20141020_072801A look inside through the doorway – all of the gardens are doing well!

20141020_072822And here we are inside the greenhouse looking out the doorway. I planted the lefthand side garden bed with some really nice looking greens. They’re pretty large already so it won’t be long before we have a salad green harvest!

20141020_072914And, finally, the door! Complete with hinges, a handle, and lock! The amazing thing is that we did this all in one weekend, although it took an amazing amount of man hours to complete. A huge shout out to Rich for envisioning the design and of course executing the building!

20141020_121148We still have a few things leftover to finish such as putting the soaker hoses down and through the greenhouse, finishing the pond in the middle, adding some overhead lights for the raised gardens that likely are not getting enough sun, and figuring out a way to ventilate out heat in addition to having a way to heat the greenhouse in the cold months.



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