Pesto Spaghetti Squash

I found a spaghetti squash at the grocery store the other day and thought how great it would be to learn how to cook spaghetti squash. Because, I mean, just by the name alone it sounds amazing. I’ve never cooked spaghetti squash before, but thank goodness for Google because you can find anything you want on the internet! I also looked up spaghetti squash recipes on and found one that included pesto! Well, if you remember from a previous blog post, I can make a pretty darn good fresh pesto (

Here is the obligatory ingredients photograph:

20141012_170439You can see that this recipe included a spaghetti squash, half an onion, half a package of mushrooms, 1/2 a cup of Parmesan cheese, and half a tablespoon of red pepper flakes. The spinach, basil leaves, pine nuts, olive oil, and romano cheese are for making homemade pesto. I prepared the pesto while the spaghetti squash baked in the oven.

Step one is to bake the squash. To do this, cut the spaghetti squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds (I wasn’t able to scoop them all out because the squash is pretty hard). Place the squash upside down in a baking dish with enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. This helps to create steam and cook the squash faster, and better! I baked the squash at 350 F for almost an hour.

20141012_171131Once the squash was cooling, I scooped out the remaining innards with a spoon. You want to make sure that you don’t scrape the flesh because that is what you eat! Then, take a fork and just scrape the squash into noodle-like strands. To make sure it’s cooked the way you like just try a bite! If it’s still crunch, pop it back in the oven for a little while longer.

20141012_181540 20141012_181547

While I was scraping the squash into strands, Nate was preparing the rest of the dish. Melt some butter into a pan and saute the onion. Add the spinach and mushrooms and stir in the squash. Add seasonings – garlic salt, pepper, red pepper flakes. After all of this is mixed together, add some olive oil and several heaping tablespoons of homemade pesto.


The final product may not be pretty, but it sure is delicious! Next time around, I would like to put in more spinach. I find the spaghetti squash to taste better than pasta; it is sweeter than pasta but has a similar consistency.


Online Recipe:


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