Greenhouse Update Part Trois

After a short hiatus from the blog I am back with another update for the greenhouse! The materials for building the greenhouse arrived the other week from Zip Tie Domes ( The geodesic dome for the greenhouse is made up of PVC pipe and zip ties. That’s it! The directions were very easy to follow and it only took Nate and I a couple of hours to put together (with several breaks). Below is a photograph of the pieces that came with the order.


The project can be a one-person project, but it was definitely easier having an extra set of hands. The dome is created by making a bunch of triangles for the strongest structural build. There are center pieces that have holes pre-cut where the PVC pipes fit inside and can be secured using the zip ties provided. In the background of this picture is one of our doggie guests, making his appearance!

20141004_113016Nate is holding up the piping connected to the center pieces so you can see the greenhouse taking shape!

20141004_113003Here, Nate is showing how the zip ties are used to connect each individual PVC pipe to the center structure. You want to have the zip ties facing out, or at least all in the same direction, because they are cut down at the end before covering the dome with plastic.

20141004_113418Using clippers to cut off the ends of the zip ties.

imageThe final product! The greenhouse dome over the garden – a perfect fit! The plan for the future is to add a foot or two of wood underneath to increase the height so that I won’t have to crouch to get inside. You can see how well the plants that were sowed a month or two ago are doing.

20141011_115646With the additional three gardens, and the seedlings from the AeroGarden, I planted potatoes, broccoli, collards, and lettuce. Also, check out my amazing attire – gardening knee pads, a bag to carry labels, and of course gloves. The AeroGarden seedlings are laied out on the rim of the soon-to-be pond.

image (1)Here I am planting with my little helper, Deacon. Nate got a couple of good pictures while he was on the ladder cutting off the zip ties.

image (2)

image (3)Luckily, the weather is still holding out and we haven’t had a freeze yet. However, we are planning to add the lining to the greenhouse soon. The lining has been delivered and we are going to do both an inner and an outer layer on the greenhouse. I’m very excited that the greenhouse is almost finished! After putting on the lining we will need to create a doorway and some windows for ventilation. Tune-in in about a week for the final installment of the greenhouse series!


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