Homemade Salsa!

(Re-posted from my original blog on Blogger). From my favorite recipe website (Allrecipes.com – right Greg?!) comes this amazing salsa. The name is hilarious – please check it out, see below. I do have to say that I made several changes to what is posted on that website mainly because I had some other ingredients from the Farmer’s Market and I also had a good idea of they type of salsa I wanted. Most of the ingredients are from my garden (tomatoes and jalapeño pepper) or from the Farmer’s Market (onion, additional tomatoes, yellow bell pepper). The tomatoes are all Early Girls even though the recipe calls for Roma.

Ingredients used for the salsa

I chopped two small yellow onions using the Vidalia onion chopper with the smallest dice setting. These onions were quite strong as I had tears in my eyes from chopping. I have a few onions planted in the Aerogarden for a fall harvest. It will be great to grow our own! Since that wasn’t quite enough onion I chopped an additional half of a red onion (called for in the recipe) that was left over in the refrigerator. Added to that were two  jalapeño peppers (seeded). I combined the onions and peppers with a couple tablespoons of lime juice and let that set while I chopped the tomatoes.

Chopping onions
Marinating in lime juice
Mixing the salsa

I ended up using 6 Early Girl tomatoes to get the right ratio of tomato to pepper to onion. The recipe seemed to call for less tomato, but that may be because I added an entire bell pepper to the recipe. I also like the tomatoes from the garden so adding a few more seemed to increase the taste. I squeezed about a tablespoon of cilantro from this cool spice bottle we found at the store. Unfortunately, my cilantro plant is currently in hibernation. Aka dead? Not sure, I hope it comes back next year!

First taste!

A taste testing was in order and we actually had some salsa from the store we could compare. Although, nothing can compare to fresh ingredients! Delicious! I highly recommend this recipe if you enjoy salsa. It takes a little time to chop everything, but less with the chopper. I think this took about 15 minutes total from prep to finish!

And, to fulfill a request, here is our sponge holder – the frog! Ace Hardware has the neatest items!

Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Ex-Girlfriends-Moms-Salsa-Fresca-Pico-de-Gallo/Detail.aspx?event8=1&prop24=SR_Title&e11=ex%20girlfriends%20salsa&e8=Quick%20Search&event10=1&e7=Recipe&soid=sr_results_p1i1


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