Garden Omelet

(Re-posted from my original blog on Blogger). This morning I prepared an omelet using ingredients from the garden and local Farmer’s Market. Only the eggs (cage-free natural eggs from the grocery store) and spinach (organic) are the two ingredients that were not locally grown. The photograph below shows all of the ingredients that I used: eggs, green pepper and jalapeno pepper (from our garden), two tomatoes (from our garden), and feta cheese (from the local Farmer’s Market that uses goat milk to make their cheese).

Ingredients for the “Garden Omelet”

Similar to the fried green tomatoes post, I am going to go through the preparation and cooking of the omelet step by step in case any of you readers would like to make a delicious omelet. I have to say that using fresh ingredients is best!

Sauteing peppers in butter
Wilting the spinach

The first thing I did was to saute the bell pepper and jalapeno pepper in half a tablespoon of butter. I melted the butter on medium heat first and then added diced peppers to the melted butter. The peppers were sauteed for about 5 minutes or until tender. This also helps to reduce the spice/heat from the jalapeno so that we could enjoy just a little bit of a kick and still have the flavor of the jalapeno pepper in the omelet. Once the pepper were soft, I added a couple handfuls of spinach to wilt the leaves a little bit before adding to the omelet.

Scrambling eggs with a fork
Cooking eggs in pan

Once these ingredients were ready, I placed them to the side in a small bowl so that I could continue to use the heated pan. I beat 4 eggs with a fork and added a little bit of my Dad’s Mix (JGM Mix 4+), thanks Dad!

I added another half tablespoon of butter to the heated pan and allowed that to melt before adding the seasoned eggs to cook. Once melted, the eggs were added and cooked for about 5 minutes or until the middle no longer had runny egg. The eggs were not fully cooked all the way because I still needed to add the garden ingredients. The photograph below shows the addition of all ingredients (cooked peppers and spinach, diced tomatoes, and a couple tablespoons of feta cheese). I like to add the tomatoes last so that they do not cook too much.

Added all ingredients for the omelet
Flipped the omelet

I then let the omelet cook for just a minute or so, not too much longer because the eggs are already pretty much finished cooking. I flipped half of the egg over to create omelet, and yes, it is half of the pan! Nate and I split the omelet for breakfast and you can see from the photographs how good the omelet looks! Having fresh ingredients does make all the difference in the world. I like to call this meal, the Garden Omelet 🙂

Half of the omelet for me, half for Nate!
Yummy deliciousness

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